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Two years ago, when I started taking lessons from Michael, I had trouble both with consistent solid contact and with squaring the clubface.  In lieu of a correct swing, I would try to avoid really bad results by attempting to control the position of the clubface with my right hand.  Nevertheless, I sometimes had really bad results.  Also, my swing lacked day-to-day consistency; some days it would work pretty well, other days I would be completely lost.

After instruction from Michael every element of my swing has improved.  My grip, posture and alignment are much different and both my backswing and downswing have completely changed.  I swing with much more confidence and consistency and with greatly improved distance and direction.  Even though over time Michael had me change every element of my set-up and swing, I never felt lost.  Michael understands the golf swing on a deep technical level, but he explained (and showed on video and demonstrated) necessary changes in an understandable way that permitted me to see how to implement changes and how each individual change would fit into a new, improved swing.  However, I do believe it was useful to make major swing changes over the winter when there is no pressure (or possibility) to take an under-construction swing to the golf course.

Little is more frustrating than mis-diagnosing the cause of bad golf shots; the result may be swing changes that do more harm than good.  Michael has taught me enough about the golf swing and the causes of bad results that I feel confident to correctly identify mistakes.  

Over the years, I have taken golf instruction from a number of pros; some were better than others.  But Michael is by far the best.  He will figure out a way to communicate the tools you need to understand and improve your game. Working with him has been a pleasure! I strongly recommend Michael and I look forward to more work with him on chipping, sand shots, putting, and course management.