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Private Coaching

Assess Your Game And Goals

The first step to developing a plan to help you reach your goals is determining a baseline. Are you placing reasonable expectations on your golf swing, or are you constantly letting yourself down by chasing dreams that aren't founded in reality. 

We will use V1 Pro and Trackman 4 to determine where you are, and begin the process of setting realistic goals to start your journey

Work The Plan

Baseline determined, we now can put our plan into action. As well as teaching theory and concepts, Michael will implement drills that can done at home that will help the changes to become permanent quicker. 

The key to working the plan is communication. Michael always strives to have an open dialogue with his students and ask that when they struggle, they reach out to him so he can diagnose the problem and get them back on track. 


  • Adult Private Lesson (50 minutes) $115
  • Junior Private Lesson (50 minutes) $100