It's Time To Change The Inner-Conversation

It has been my professional experience that most athletes tend to only focus on training and developing their physical skills, paying only slight attention to training their brain and cultivating the ability to perform their best under the most intense pressure. 

The biggest issue that I have noticed when it comes to mindset preparedness is that most athletes don't even know that there is an issue. Let's use the following example to evaluate your mindset when you are under pressure. Think back to the last time you were stressed either on the golf course or in your personal life. Now that you have a personal example, pretend that above your head is a thought bubble that everyone around you could see and read. Would you be proud of what those around you are reading? The truth is that most of us would not like that information shared, because we tend to be very hard on ourselves and often very negative. 

The second part to this analysis requires us to once again think about our inner-thoughts while under stress. Would you speak to someone you respect the same way that you speak to yourself under pressure? Of course not, so why do your continue to speak to yourself this way?

Often, when we feel stress or pressure, we tend to be thinking either in the past, or the future, instead of being firmly rooted in the present. It is for this reason, that many athletes fail to live up to their expectations. They are constantly focused on the outcome or results instead of focusing on how they are going to get there. 

When it comes to mindset performance training, the only word that matters is training. You can't simply change your mindset, just like it is very unlikely that you are going to shoot 65 in the biggest tournament of your life when your best score to date is 76. 

Simply put, it is time to start taking accountability for our mindset. Mindset is something that can be learned with training and practice, and is something that you will need for every shot the rest of your life. 

Ways to Change

Simply wanting change isn't enough, you have to earn it. That's why each Mindset Performance Student will leave each session with a detailed practice plan rooted in building your self-confidence, hence creating a more confident you. 


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