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The Evolution of Golf Training has begun

In the movie "Rounders", Matt Damon's character is having a conversation with his girlfriend about how gambling isn't about luck and says the following "Do you think the five guys sitting at the final table every year are just the five luckiest guys in the world"? The point he was making is that poker is a learned skill, and without understanding probability and strategy, you probably don't want to push out too many chips. 

My questions is this, do you think that the elite golfers are all just super lucky guys and gals and they catch all the breaks? Of course not. They all have talent, but they are also working a plan. That plan is not random, but rather a system of training and testing that focuses on understanding the components of the swing, the sequence in which the components act, and understanding the nine possible outcomes. 

The game has changed. The courses are not going to get shorter, and the greens aren't going to get any slower. We have to change how we train. Simply hitting a bucket of balls a couple times a week isn't going to help you play your best when it counts the most. Using the latest technology available, Trackman 4,  we can now provide the feedback based practice you need to match the premiere instruction you demand. 

Almost every PGA Tour Professional employs a Trackman to work on their game and help understand exactly what is going on in their swing. Now that same level of training is available to you. The only question left is, are you ready to understand your game like never before?

The Program (Monthly*)

(2)  50-minute Private lessons with Michael Dutro, PGA including a Trackman Screencast to help you stay on track in between instruction sessions. 

(2) Two-hour Trackman practice sessions including access to Trackman reports and combines**.

Opportunity to work on course in the off-season with the Elite Golf Performance Staff and Students (weather permitting).

High School Prep, learning how to stand out while performing at your very best. 

College Prep, how to get noticed by top college coaches and scouts. 

Price: $399 per month

Other options available per request. 

  • Elite Fitness Training 
  • Mental Scoring 
  • Phone Consultation 
  • Tournament Prep / Tournament de-brief 

*3-month commitment.

**Trackman Combines will be administered monthly to track ball striking improvement. 

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