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I've been coming to Michael for instruction for three years now, 2-3 each year to both reinforce what he's taught me and to improve on new areas. I am in my mid-30's, play in a 9 hole league once a week and try to get out with friends every few weekends. When I first came to Michael I was about a 16 handicap, since working with him I've gotten it to as low as 10.5, after working off the winter rust I'm hoping for single digits this year.

Michael has the ability to give you very technical reasons why he's having you do something and then dumb it down for those of us that didn't major in physics or geometry. After working with Michael once, the next time I went to him it felt more like talking to an old golfing buddy than a student-instructor relationship.  You really get the sense when working with him that he wants you to improve as much as you want to. I have e-mailed Michael after having a certain issue in a round when I didn't necessarily have time to come in for a lesson before heading out of town to play and he called me back in ten minutes to talk through the issue with me. I have personally recommended Michael to several friends, new to the game and experienced players, and they've all enjoyed working with him. I would recommend Michael to anyone who wants to improve their game, learn more about the golf swing, or someone just starting out and wants a good base to build from.