MIchael Dutro, PGA

One Mission : Explain The Golf Swing


I honestly believe that I can help you get better at golf. The reason for this belief is that the golf swing is not a mystery, rather a set of complex problems that can be solved, if we know the basic formula. There is a reason why we continue to see the best players in the world continually improve every season, and that reason is because of the information that they compile which helps them better understand where they need to improve to make their scores lower. 

I believe that having accurate and reliable information is always a good thing, and that when we have accurate and reliable information it helps up to make better decisions. I also tend to agree that the average golfer thinks about way too many things while attempting to hit a golf shot, which is why I think that it is important to have a filter for that information and be able to focus on only the most relevant thoughts. 

It is my belief that using 4k Video Analysis and Trackman Data during instruction time provides the student with the valuable and tangible information needed to make the correct adjustment to their swing. I also believe that using the strokes gained method to record and monitor performance, that we have an objective way to ensure that everyone is being held accountable to your development.


Simply stated, my opinion or “teaching philosophy” are not needed to help you become the best player possible. My job is to help you better understand what you are trying to accomplish with your golf swing, and how to identify what part of the swing is causing the ball to behave erratically or not according to plan.  You are never going to learn everything in one lesson, but by having a filter for the information, and a detailed plan, you can become better at ball-striking and playing the game of golf.